Center Overview

Cape Cod Research Institute (CCR I) was established in August 2003 as a not-for-profit Corporation to further   clinical research and medical education   in the area of cardiology and heart disease.   Located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, CCRI allows patients to   access sophisticated devices, procedures and pharmaceuticals without having to travel to tertiary centers; assuring patients that all level of cardiac care can be offered by the local physicians in whom they have come to trust.

CCRI is a fully functioning research facility which is legally independent from the Cape Cod Healthcare, Inc and the physicians with whom we work.   The infrastructure of the Cape Cod Research Institute ensures that Physician Investigators, Industry Sponsors and Subjects who participate in clinical studies have access to legal, ethical, scientific and regulatory expertise.   A staff of knowledgeable research nurses and technicians carefully track and maintain patient data.   Each clinical   trial is carefully scrutinized for ethics and patient safety by the staff of CCRI as well as from an independent Instititutional Review Board.

CCRI serves as the institutional infrastructure that encourages and supports its physician scientists by serving as an interface between clinical investigators and sponsors of clinical trials.   CCRI provides a high level of clinical trial services to help investigators compete and meet the demands on industrial sponsors.   For sponsors, we provide high data quality and quick subject enrollment.   We strictly adhere to Good clinical Practice (GCP).   Services to Primary Investigators include:


Cape Cod Research Institute         40 Quinlan Way, Suite 130      Hyannis, MA 02601